A few weeks ago, I blogged a very personal and what I consider vulnerable post about an event I was a part of…“FEMFRIQ, An Homage to Women In Music”. I forced myself to think about the backstabbing massacre that happened years ago amongst a supposedly “Girls Kick Ass” group or movement. I don’t willingly think about that because it causes me pain. It’s not the only time I’ve been fucked by so-called “women”–in fact, being shunned for not being feminine enough, called a lesbian (I’m not, but SO???), sexually harassed, wrongfully terminated because of my gender–used to be something I expected, from both men and women.

I thought that with this event I heavily promoted recently, that I had finally put all the bullshit in the past. That I could trust again. Well, sadly, much to my chagrin, I was wrong. Very Wrong. Here is a brief synopsis of what happened via my Instagram post:

I walked into @pinksnyc last wed, excited to kick off a new party we were calling FemFriq, to honor female performance artists. I walk in, greet an owner & his 1st words to me are “we need to have a discussion” and I said ok. He says “I’m not paying you” I said excuse me??? He said it wasn’t worth the money to pay a DJ what I was getting for two hours. He counteroffered w half the amount and some drinks. He said there was no contract I said u better believe there was a verbal one and an email paper trail going on for weeks. I asked so ur gonna pay me half what we agreed and I leave right now and walk out these doors? He said, no, u still play. I said absolutely not. That’s a horrible and embarrassing way to do business and I’ll see to it that people hear about it.//The first night of a celebration of women and he offers me half and tells me I’m not worth it.//On east 10th st. Alex and Avi are the owners. Consider yourselves warned, esp Females. Booker is amazing & paid me for her employers’ unprofessional blunder. I’ll see her on the other side. #internationalwomensday #yourenotworthit#realdjs #dj #WomenWhoRock

Here are some texts from me to the booker:

“This is EXACTLY the problem w the state of bookers/clubs in regards to djs, in particular FEMALE DJS. I deserve even more than what you guys were going to pay me. I’ve been at this for yeArs. I’m professional. I’m well-versed in all types of music. I study music, just as you do. We planned this for weeks. He said we didn’t have a contract. WE DO. A verbal contract and a paper trail of emails. He just pulled the worst play he coulda played. He hasn’t even heard me DJ. I spent days blasting this info to my Industry people–important people. Not just Larry from the street. I blasted my social media for two days straight. I spent all day planning a set for tonight. So, $100 barely covers the hours I spent on this project. I work for my money. I’ve earned the respect and deserve to be treated w respect. I’m sorry you have to work w such unprofessional men.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“To really drive home how terrible this behavior is, the whole entire point of the party is to empower women and the first night it is stripped away from you AND me. Powerless. I’m sorry.”

The booker, a woman (a musician, too), 100% agreed and they paid me a few days later (the owners made her pay half) for not working one single minute, let alone 2 hours which is what we had agreed upon weeks earlier.

At the time, as I literally shivered in my boots and coat from coming in from the cold, I told the rude, misogynist of an owner that I’d put him and the place on blast and this is me doing what I said I would do. I keep my word. He even had the nerve to say that this was how running a business went–that “business was fluid.” Hopefully, as a result of what I went through, the fluidity he is referring to continues to dry up.

All of THIS.

For One Hundred Dollars.

Is. Not. Okay.

So, if you didn’t get that, do not do any business with Pinks on E. 10th Street in the East Village. I am purposefully not linking any of their media so that they don’t get any web traffic from my end, nor am I putting their exact address here for the same reason. I truly thank those who shared and commented to help spread the word: oh_rogue1800traparellajohanaaahtaelanaomidj.biancapebblesvanpeebs.

In short, respect the artist. Their work. Their worth.

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