1  When not DJing, Chick Norris is a professional chef. See a rundown.

2  She used to have her own catering company and product line of Korean-American condiments called Skimkim and Biddy & Yolk. Pop-up restaurants were her THING. See #1.

3  If you’re interested in artsy whimsy & boring shit, follow her personal Instagram & twitter.

4  A half-Korean, half-Scotch-Irish woman born in Richmond, Virginia, she still considers herself a Southerner at heart but is actually a typical jaded New Yorker who yells at people who walk too slow on the sidewalk or don’t have their metro cards out BEFORE they get to the swipe.

5  A devoted animal lover, she mothers a mini-dachshund, Elijah Craig; a rescue kitty, Soda; and a pitbull/dachshund rescue, Cliff Clavin. Their world is documented in an absurdly cute Instagram.

6  She just had to donate her minivan to a non-profit. It was called Al B. Sure. It was there for her Night N’ Day, Night N’ Day–until it wasn’t.

7  She hates brunch (See #1). Do not ever invite her to do it with you.

8  This woman reads books voraciously.

9  Back in her heyday, Chick Norris had a full-ride volleyball scholarship at a Division 1 college. It was quits when she broke her back at the end of the first season. Frowny face.

10  She played oboe in high school. She had sheet music for the Simpsons theme song and “Always” by Atlantic Starr.

♥ Special thanks to Keith Major, a dear dear friend who knows me well and took the awe-inspiring photos that brought the website to ahoe-nova’ level. I love you.