The best DJ performances, whether for a wedding, club or even at a competition, include a perfect amalgamation of song selection, blends, transitions, and crowd-reading. They all have to work together. It may look easy and seamless but it takes years of practice, hours of listening, days of organizing, and nights of watching to make an event a success. That’s what sets Chick Norris apart from most DJ’s. She’s a seasoned professional. She has earned respect and trust. Here are some venues where she has performed.

Trophy Bar • Max Fish • Von • Botanica • Fat Buddha • Party On • Friends & Lovers • Happy Ending • Duck Duck • 2A • Fontana’s • Cameo Gallery • Sway • Enid’s •  Lucky Strike •  Downtime • Scribner’s

She gravitates to playing old school hip hop and R&B but adores open-format as well. With an encyclopedic knowledge of many genres of music, she is as well-rounded and versatile as they come. From classic rock to disco funk to classical, Chick Norris can ensure an entertaining set to fit any audience at any age for any occasion.

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