A long time ago, I was an original member of a group of females whose mission it was to introduce like-minded professional women and gain mentors, interns, advice, etc. It did not end well. One of the founding members locked us out of our email accounts, filed for a business permit, got a bank account, and never said a word to any of us. A sociopath by definition. Since then, I have been wary of any female-supported groups because of this experience. I realize now why it didn’t work back then. There was no binding, no glue bringing the group together besides the fact that we were cisgender women (little girls, at that age, I’d say).

This series is different. As I’ve matured and found my place Dj’ing and cooking professionally, I’ve found a haven with the women I work with. Ironically, once a true curmudgeon of all things female, I treasure the relationships I’ve formed behind the decks and in front of the grill. I trust these women because we have worked in fields absolutely dominated by “men” and made a firm choice to not leave it, but form our own mold, our own place. It’s a healthy place now that I think about it. Being around so many men in the advertising world (I used to be an art director in advertising), I morphed into a woman-hater, an anti-feminist, in a way because that was how I could find my way IN. Be “one of the dudes”…

I had to take that stance and play X-box with the boys while I was only offered the perfume accounts. The efforts, with the sheer force of my gusto and faith, amounted to me being unhappy, exhausted, and feeling like a failure. One day I decided enough was enough and I quit my job, started bartending and opened my own catering company. Just like that. Just me. Take that!

This Wednesday, in the East Village, we kick off our first event with me playing a bunch of tunes I never get to play which makes me SUPER EXCITED. Whether you have a musical vagina (or not) or penny whistle penis (or not), you should come. Here are the official details (Also, the original video for Kate Bush’s “Red Dress” Wuthering Heights is below):

We are kicking off the new weekly FEM FRIQ series this Wednesday March 2nd with DJ CHICK NORRIS on the 1’s and 2’s from 9-11pm! Please join us!

The following week, Wednesday, March 9th, will feature a workshop/mixer headed by female-forward music production groups Women Beatmakers and Female Frequency followed by a DJ afterparty! The workshop is 7-9, drinks all night and music from 9 on.

We are working with a few other groups (THINX, Slutist, etc.) now to curate mixers, multi-discipline performances, DJ showcases, art shows, etc. to curate an awesome female-forward atmosphere every Wednesday* night at Pinks.

*If you are interested in collaborating on more events to keep this weekly event exciting and inspiring, please contact Meghann Wright via email.

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