Sprinkled around the website are some new, updated photos of moi. I wanted to share these with y’all as they are taken by the immensely talented, Keith Major. He is a wildly famous (infamous?) photographer and most recently KILLED the cover of Ebony’s March Issue. We met, shit, 11 years ago, when I was bartending and he was one of my favorite regulars, soon to become close friend. This actually happened with nearly all my regulars and I still to this day attend their weddings, picnics, Super Bowl Parties, baby showers, Kentucky Derby Shindigs, you name it. They were and are my heart and I feel blessed to have been able to preserve the relationships that were made at that bar (Palais Royale on Mott & Broome, i.e. “Sam’s Bar”, where everyone knew your name).

For years, Keith and I have dug deep into our love of music and art and we were finally able to collaborate with this series. I feel like he was able to capture my beauty, both inside and out and make me comfortable while doing it. I hate being the center of attention, ESPECIALLY being in photos. I subconsciously ruin all of them. As a “normal” girl with an athletic build, 5’10”, of unknown weight (I am plagued with a history of eating disorders so I can’t have these numbers in my life), I know what it feels like to be ignored and even persecuted for being who I am, what I look like. It’s exhausting. This story in Ebony is ground-breaking for all women who are afraid to walk the gauntlet into the fitting rooms, the anxiety of “it’s not going to fit” ringing in your head. Here are some of his photos from March’s Ebony.

I thank you, Keith, from the bottom of my feet and all the way out to my split ends, for making me look and feel beautiful with such ease. In the words of Pete Rock, you are a Tru-Master (one of my all-time favorite tracks).


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