A tribute to Andy Creery.

As an ambitious power couple (HA!!!) in high school, one of the many things we found we had in common was our love of music. Of course, competitive people can’t help themselves so we would always try to one-up each other with our mixtapes. I must admit that there was one in particular that was SO ANDY and I wore that cassette out. This mixtape is an homage to Andy’s quirky, sometimes serious, often hidden romantic sides. These tapes were communication. They expressed so much more than “this song is awesome”. I remember most of the tracks on my favorite tape and these are on Side 1 while the rest are songs I see him doing a weird jig to or singing along. Terribly. On purpose.

Like all of his mixtapes, this tape is Love. 
We miss you.

If you’re wondering, the mixtape is called “Doubles” bc Andy and I used to play the hell out of some doubles. Tournaments, pick up. Didn’t matter. For the love of the game. FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

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